Our mission is to foster understanding of individuals and communities, ultimately working towards the creation of a more equitable and just society. We specialize in providing comprehensive evidence and valuable insights that inform the development of future public policies and programs. Our expertise enables governments and public sector organizations to effectively tackle some of the most complex and challenging public policy issues.

CHARLES BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP is a prominent, independent research and advisory organization that specializes in providing comprehensive services to both government entities and the broader public realm. By merging our proficiency in comprehending human behaviour with state-of-the-art technologies and data science, we furnish the necessary evidence and guidance to facilitate effective decision-making within government agencies and organizations operating in the public realm. Our approach involves leveraging global best practices while utilizing our local expertise to disseminate relevant insights.

Our team of public policy experts operates at the convergence of data, technology, and human understanding. With our extensive knowledge in policy and program evaluation and our capabilities in data collection, we provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the policy cycle. This support spans from initial needs assessment and formative research to comprehensive program evaluation services. To ensure the highest quality evidence and practices for decision-making, we tap into a diverse array of sources from around the globe. We actively generate, disseminate, and adopt cutting-edge insights and best practices. We value collaboration and maintain various partnerships in our policy work, ranging from collaborations with academics to collaborations with innovative start-ups. Our aim is to combine rigorous analysis, technological advancements, and a deep understanding of human dynamics to enable informed decision-making and effective policy implementation. By leveraging diverse partnerships and drawing from global knowledge, we strive to provide our clients with the most relevant and impactful solutions to their policy challenges.

At CHARLES BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP, we recognize that addressing critical policy challenges require effective behaviour change at a population level. Our consultancy and research teams specialize in a comprehensive range of behaviour change programs. We assist clients in understanding behaviour patterns and unravelling the intricate factors that influence them. Through our expertise, we identify specific population segments that can benefit from targeted interventions and communication strategies. Most importantly, we bridge the gap between intentions and actions, ensuring that our interventions result in tangible behavioural changes

Recognizing the importance of public opinion in shaping effective policies and government communications, CHARLES BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP emerges as a regional leader in public opinion and voting intention polling. With a strong reputation for trusted insights, CHARLES BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP supports government leaders, political parties, international organizations, government ministries, public services, and the media in making informed decisions. By providing valuable data and analysis, CHARLES BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP contributes to enhancing the quality of public debate and empowering decision-makers to better serve their constituents.