Ethics for Market Research & Data Analytics

The Code we adhere to is a comprehensive framework designed for self-regulation in the fields of market, opinion, and social research, as well as data analytics. It serves as a guideline to maintain public confidence in research practices and requires strict compliance with relevant regional, national, and local laws, regulations, industry/professional codes of conduct, and any higher standards set by them.

As proud members of ….. and compliant with the …….. International Code, we are committed to upholding ethical and professional standards. This ensures that our researchers and analysts, regardless of whether they work with traditional or new data sources, fulfil their responsibilities towards individuals whose data is used in research, as well as the clients and organizations they serve. Moreover, the Code aims to protect the rights of researchers to seek, receive, and impart information, as outlined in Article 19 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Applicable worldwide, the Code is mandatory for ……. Members and other research associations that have adopted it. By embracing and adhering to this Code, we demonstrate our commitment to conducting research in an ethical, responsible, and trustworthy manner.