Diversity & Inclusion


Inclusive Culture and Society. 

At CHARLES BOOTH, our workforce represents over 50 nationalities, including ethnic minorities, and operates across more than 20 countries, fostering a naturally diverse environment. We firmly believe that the true success of individuals is realised when they can authentically express their whole selves in the workplace.

Our core belief is rooted in recognizing and valuing the uniqueness, talent, and individuality of every person, irrespective of their background. At CHARLES BOOTH, our goal is to establish an inclusive workplace that cultivates growth and allows every individual to thrive. Additionally, we strive to assist our clients in comprehending the diverse nature of their own customer base.

We understand that diversity serves as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, which in turn enhances our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients. By fostering an inclusive culture, we aim to create a sense of belonging where every individual is empowered to achieve their full potential.

At CHARLES BOOTH, our commitment extends beyond internal efforts to create an inclusive culture and extends to actively contributing to the development of an inclusive society. We embrace diversity and promote inclusivity within our organization through various means, including targeted talent acquisition, the implementation of local workplace policies that prioritize inclusivity, comprehensive training programs, and fostering a positive company culture that values and respects all individuals.

Furthermore, we recognise the importance of helping our clients navigate the dynamic landscape of their own customer base. By leveraging our expertise, we assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of their customers through the lens of inclusion and diversity. This approach enables us to support our clients in effectively addressing their business challenges, identifying opportunities, and developing strategies that are sensitive to the diverse needs and preferences of their target audience.

Through our internal practices and client-focused initiatives, we actively contribute to the promotion of an inclusive culture and society, fostering an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.