Developing an efficient and effective retail strategy requires a deep understanding of shoppers and the ability to leverage both traditional and emerging retail channels. We can help you gain valuable insights into your target audience's behaviors, preferences, and motivations, allowing you to optimize your retail strategy and drive growth.

Gain a thorough understanding of consumer and shopper motivations in order to create effective marketing strategies. Our consumer panels enable us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and preferences, including their purchase patterns, brand loyalty, and demographic characteristics. By capturing detailed information on what consumers buy, when, where, and at what price, we can identify trends and patterns that can inform successful marketing strategies for our clients. Additionally, our analysis of consumer panels allows us to identify key drivers of growth, including specific product categories, retailers, and occasions, that can generate sustainable growth opportunities for our clients. To attain optimal growth for your brand and category, it is crucial to strategically manage your product assortment, promotions, and in-store merchandising investment to maximise returns. Essential to achieving success in these areas is a comprehensive understanding and measurement of performance with regards to retailers, channels, missions, and occasions. Our services are available to assist you in achieving these goals.

To capitalize on new opportunities for growth, it's important to consider the evolving ways in which people shop across multiple channels. This may involve expanding product offerings, establishing partnerships with new and existing retail partners, and addressing conversion gaps related to specific target groups or consumption occasions. By pushing the boundaries of traditional retail categories and exploring innovative strategies, businesses can maximize their potential for growth. Gain insights into shopper profiles and their shopping behaviors, including shopping missions, by analyzing data from various perspectives, such as category, channel, and brand. By understanding how people shop, businesses can create effective strategies to improve their product assortment, promotions, and in-store merchandising to meet the needs and preferences of their target shoppers. This understanding can also help businesses to identify growth opportunities and optimize their marketing strategies. Product manufacturers and retailers have a symbiotic relationship, and retailers are currently undergoing significant changes. To help retailers grow, brands can work to better understand the needs of consumers and shoppers. The evolution of societal dynamics has led to the emergence of novel store formats and retail models, necessitating the development of new competencies and omnichannel expertise to build stronger partnerships and drive mutual growth