Community Impact


At CHARLES BOOTH, we strongly believe in our ability to drive positive change in regions that we operate.

Our commitment extends beyond client engagement. We aspire to contribute to the growth and flourishing of everyone by actively working towards building an inclusive and diverse society. We strive to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and operate, ensuring that our business practices are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

The inspiration behind the Charles Booth Research Group traces back to Charles Booth, a distinguished Victorian figure renowned for his deep concern about contemporary social issues. Despite not being overtly religious, Booth recognized the limitations of philanthropy in addressing the prevalent poverty in British society. Undertaking a comprehensive and self-funded social survey of London, he became an advocate for state old age pensions to combat destitution among the elderly.

In the modern era, Natik Musaev, the chairman of Charles Booth Research Group, continues the legacy of Charles Booth. The company, under his leadership, aids both private and public sector clients in making informed decisions by fostering a profound understanding of people. Beyond its commercial pursuits, the group is committed to its social responsibility by organizing comprehensive and scientific social surveys in both Britain and internationally, funded entirely by the company.